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About Dr. Ian G. Anderson


Dr. I.G. Anderson offers personalized veterinary care to all pet lovers. He became enamoured with animals during his early childhood years when at approximately age five (5), Dr. Anderson got into difficulty while floating in a rubber raft on a river near his home. His beloved dog, a black Labrador named ‘Meg’ came to his rescue and saved him.

Dr. Anderson shares with all pet owners a deep love, empathy and understanding for the nature and value of animals; this emanates from his undying passion as a Veterinary Surgeon.

As the ‘Livestock Parish Veterinary Officer’ with over 25 years of experience, he offers the best in healthcare for animals and quality service. He operates a complete medical and surgical centre which provides preventative health care, limited emergency service, limited house calls and part time grooming.

A committed Veterinarian with a passion, he ensures that it is indeed a “Pet Lover’s Pleasure” to cater to the needs of all his patients.

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